January volunteer opportunities

From the Friends of Stafford Lake Bike Park:

Help is needed at the bike park Monday, January 18 (MLK Day).  We are looking for volunteers to assist with winterization work to protect park features from El Nino fueled storms.

Our work now will pay off big this spring.

Please bring your rain gear out this Monday and help us spread mulch.  Mulch is our best friend right now.  Spreading as much as we can right now, and maintaining our erosion control features throughout the winter is critical to ensuring that the park will re-open as soon as possible.

WHAT: Winterization work to protect park
WHERE: Stafford Lake Park, Novato
WHEN: Monday, January 18 9:00am – 1:00pm

For event status or to RSVP contact Marin County Parks Volunteer Coordinator Kirk Schroeder at 415- 763-2977 or KSchroeder@marincounty.org

From Friends of China Camp:

Join us for another day of playing in the dirt!

We skipped our December trail maintenance date, but are gearing up for January. The work we do will be determined by how muddy (or not muddy) the trail is. Most likely we will be repairing some sections of Shoreline Trail where the previous restoration needs to be spiffed up to prevent erosion or further erosion. We will also be cleaning bridges by scraping away any earth-wood contact to prevent rot. And, as always, cutting back the overgrowth and raking up leaf litter will be part of the agenda. As you can see, there are options from digging, shoveling, tamping, toting gravel, prying pebbles and dirt from between bridge boards, to a leisurely amble on the trail with pruners and rakes.


WHAT: Trail maintenance
WHERE: Shoreline Trail near campgrounds
WHEN: Saturday, January 23
RSVP: Click on the calendar link at http://www.calparks.org/help/park-champions/

There will be two crews. 9-1 (includes lunch) and 1-4 (ending with yummy treats)




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